From apprentice to business owner...the evolution.
Eric Pontbriand
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From apprentice to business owner...the evolution.

I entered the jewelry and watch repair business in 1969 when I was hired by Mr. Herb Koenigsbauer. He took me under his expert wing and helped me understand the intricacies of repairing fine jewelry, watches, and clocks. His teachings allowed me to gain more confidence, as well as taking a step towards mastery of my craft.

When Mr. Koenigsbauer passed away in 1976, I was given the opportunity to purchase his jewelry store. At the age of 23, with no business experience to speak of, I took the plunge into ownership. As I worked, I found the repair aspect of the business to be more lucrative than just selling jewelry. I invested more money into the store as a result, and, later, studied about jewelry and precious gems to expand my knowledge. My efforts have helped the store grow and become the success that it is today.

  • "The most beautiful rings (engagement and wedding band), I've ever seen. I still can't believe I own them! Thank you so much!"
  • "David Barberet is an honest jeweler. I've bought jewelry and have had clocks repaired here with no complaints. His prices are very competitive. Nice to work with."
  • "...I never take your kindness for granted-nor do I ever mind paying for the services you provide. You have become a very special friend to us!"